Toulouse, the Ville en Rose of France

Toulouse, La Ville en Rose

Toulouse, the Ville en Rose, a beautiful city at the bottom of the Pyrenees and close to the sea.

But why “Ville en Rose”? Because it’s entirely built in exposed bricks, where the light and the sun of the South give a warm golden hue, which conquers as soon as you arrive.

So this is what happens to me! I fell in love with Toulouse.

I was not lucky due to the bad weather but it amazed me anyway.

Thanks to Toulouse’s Office of Tourism, I had the opportunity to visit the fourth largest city in France.

A walking tour is actually the best way to be bounced into the art and the history of Toulouse. 

Why everyone should visit Toulouse?

First of all, it’s the heart of the South-West, among the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.

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It’s the most colorful city in Occitanie region: pink and oranges of the bricks, violet as the flowers and so on. Moreover, it has 160 parks and gardens which represent the best site for a stroll among the green.

The Ville Rose is also famous for its rich heritage.

In fact, three sites appears on Unesco heritage list: the Canal du Midi, the Basilica of Saint-Sernin and the Hotel-Dieu Saint-Jacques hospital. 

Last but not least, it’s the european capital of aeronautics and space industries: the Aeroscopia Museum is dedicated to the history of aviation, so lots of airplanes and scale models.

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First of all, Cathedral Saint-Etienne is a Romanesque Cathedral dated back to the early 13th century. When the Romanesque architecture style was abandoned for the Gothic style, a second cathedral was started in that style. So the result is unusual but unforgettably beautiful.

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Instead Place du Capitole is very scenographic and it was the seat of the Town Hall. In the square you will come across a parade of historic cafes, large mirrors and velvet chairs, everything located under the arches painted.

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Fondation Bemberg is worth a visit due to the impressive collection that includes also 30 paintings by the French artist Pierre Bonnard.
It is housed in one of the 16th century private mansions called the Hôtel d’Assézat. 

Rue du Taur is a famous street that connects the Place du Capitole and Saint-Sernin. It’s full of with crêperies, small restaurants and bookshops. Its name refers to the martyrdom of St Sernin, the Languedoc apostle, who was tied to a bull’s tail.

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Marché Victor Hugo is a covered market, packed with local producers busily selling cheeses, fresh pasta, meats and takeaway tasty street-food. 

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The Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Toulouse. It’s a beautiful location for taking some shots but the panorama is very pretty also from Point Saint-Pierre.

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The Augustins Museum is one of the oldest in France. The location is a Gothic convent from the XIV Century which has an extremely high impact with its collections.

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Where to eat 

Ma Biche sur le toit” offers different choice of food with and incredible view from the roof of Galeries Lafayette.

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It’s open for breakfast, lunch, tea hour and dinner with various formula that give you the possibility to choose the dish of the day or to combine different courses.

Try it and you won’t regret it!


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