Autumn in a modern and multicultural Stockholm.


As everyplace in the North Europe I would like to visit, even Stockholm I thought to visit in the summer but I have the opportunity to come in autumn.

Below you will find why.

By the way, during the flight my thought went to the coldness I was coming to feel as soon as I arrive in the city.

But when I first arrived there, every doubts began to go far away. Obviously I felt the cold temperature but everything was worth it.

I arrived at night in Skavsta Airport and then I took a bus in order to reach the city. I used Flygbussarna, it was very easy and in about 80 minutes I was in the city center.

Then I decided to come to the hotel on foot an suddenly I found myself in a quiet and silent capital.

Day one

The first morning was dedicated to the hotel itself: I was hosted in Nobis Hotel located in the centre of Stockholm.

What I like most was the contemporary Scandinavian design and the view from my room located on the third floor of the building directly on the Norrmalmstorg Square.

After that, I went out for exploring the city. Thanks to the official tourism promotion agency of Stockholm Visit Stockholm AB I received the Pass for having free entrance of the attractions, transports and other facilities. Anyway, I prefer to visit it on foot because I like getting lost and finding unusual wonderful spots in this way.

The afternoon I visited the Old Town, also known as Gamla Stan.

As the name suggests, it is the original city centre and most buildings are from 1700s but you can find someone of the 1300s. It consists of Stadsholmen island and the islets of Riddarholmen, Helgeandsholmen and Strömsborg. In the cobbled streets and alleys it’s easy to find different cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries, surrounded by rust-coloured town houses.

Furthermore, it looks so strange that long time ago this neighborhood was considered as a slum: today all the colorful houses and the young people make this place one of my favorite in the city.

One thing you don’t have to miss is the changing of the Guards taking place outside the Royal Palace: it’s an unique experience!

The Stortorget is the principal square in Gamla Stan and as you can see below its very traditional.

IMG_4272-300x300 Autumn in a modern and multicultural Stockholm.

Day two

It was a rainy morning so I decided to explore what lies beneath Stockholm: an intricate web of underground train lines. Lots of stations have been decorated with paintings and other form of art expressions. Therefore Stockholm Metro can be considered as one gigantic art gallery, the longest of the world. There are different types and each station surprised me even more than the previous one if this is even possible! It takes a lot to see all of them but below you can find some examples of what I am talking about.

As in the afternoon the shy sun began to be seen again I went to visit the oldest open-air museum in the world: Skansen. It’s a kind of historical museum that shows how was Swedish life in the past. How? Literally showcasing the whole of real-life Sweden with houses and farmsteads from every part of the country of the 1900s. So interesting, in particular for the children.

Nonetheless, it is also the Stockholm zoo with animals native to Scandinavia. The young ones can take a horse or pony ride or feed the grey seal. On Christmas times you can breathe the typical atmosphere because of the markets. In fact, Skansen it’s one of the favorite spot of the people living in the capital for an outdoor activity, not only for the tourists.

Least but not last, if it’s a sunny day one hidden but super cozy little gem is Ivan Los Park. You must visit it because it offers great view over Stadshuset (the town hall), Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan and Mälaren. It is the perfect place to take beautiful pictures and rest your feet at the same time, having a beer with friends or just doing some outdoor activities breathing healthy fresh air.

It is located in Södermalm neighborhood which is a district and island in central Stockholm and it is connected to its surrounding areas by different bridges. It’s full of pretty cafes, restaurants and vintage shops.

IMG_4279-300x300 Autumn in a modern and multicultural Stockholm.

The end

Concluding, Stockholm reflects history but also the modernity of the northern city as well as Copenaghen.

In this city you can find contemporary art pieces and also ancient ones that tell the history of the city but also the future with its innovativa technologies.

So another city that must be added into your bucket list!

IMG_3750-300x300 Autumn in a modern and multicultural Stockholm.

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Autumn in a modern and multicultural Stockholm.


  • Andres o

    I agree with you this city is awsome i loved it bad in summer the island park of djugarden is great the vassa museum is great the best in northern europe is incredible the conservation status of thw 1600s century ship
    You have to go and take a cruise through the archipielago

  • Followingtherivera

    Wow, Stockholm metro is insane! I’ve only been to Malmo, but would like to visit here one day. I like the Old Town too, and would love to photograph those houses.

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