Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean

South Mediterranean Area

In the search for holidays full of sunshine, culture and more our quest takes us to the South Mediterranean area, revealing some enchanting destinations that promise a sunshine packed vacation, mostly all year round. Think beyond the usual Southern European coast countries that we usually associate with the Mediterranean, such as Spain, France, Italy, or Greece, and dare to travel further south to the Levantine coast and Cyprus, as well as the Northern African coast to Egypt. The former promises the visitor a laid back holiday by the sea with the infusion of diverse history that has left its mark throughout the ages, while the latter will take you back in time to a distinct era of Pharaohs and Godly Kings where an unprecedented adventure begins.

Seaview-hotel-room-Limassol-Harmony-Bay Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean

The Southern Cypriot Riviera

Cyprus is a wonderful place to visit for that perennial summer sensation. The subtropical South Mediterranean climate that Cyprus enjoys makes it an enjoyable destination throughout the year. Especially the south coast of Cyprus, and specifically Limassol, is an all time favourite resort town that is considered very up and coming in terms of international tourism. Popular for many years with the locals, Limassol is the ideal location to spend a sunshine loaded holiday. Consider a seaview view hotel in Limassol if you decide to visit it, so that you can soak up the wonderful sunny sea vistas every morning of your stay. Furthermore, Limassol is fully developed and offers visitors ample choice in terms of tasteful bars, restaurants and clubs, gaining itself a reputation for having an excellent nightlife scene. This makes it a perfect choice for those who would also like to sample what it’s like to party the Cypriot way! So sunshine and nightlife both receive a check in Limassol, but it still has more to offer. Being such a alluring place, and with Cyprus being in such a strategic location, Limassol has seen quite a bit of turmoil in its day. Having gone through various conquests, it carries diverse political history on its shoulders and on its streets as it has an interesting collection of architecture to show for. From Ancient heritage, to Medieval and Byzantine ages, to the Ottoman empire and British rule, Limassol is a destination that will also satisfy those who seek to immerse into its diverse cultural wealth.

Limassol-streets-architecture Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean
Limassol-close-up-castle-gate Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean
Cyprus-Limassol-Castle-of-Kolossi Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean
Limassol-by-night Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean

Egypt’s Northern Coast

For a those who seek a bit of adventure, why not venture into the mysticism of an ancient civilisation that once commanded legions, built empires from sand and limestone, and changed the course of history henceforth. Egypt, a destination of such historical magnitude that immerses visitors into the enigmatic world of pyramids, tomb valleys, iconic temples and more. From the metropolis of Alexandria, to cosmopolitan Cairo, the enthralling Giza, the astonishing Aswan, the spectacular Luxor, the notorious Sahara Desert, to the splendid resort location of Hurghada on the Red Sea. Egypt is a destination that can offer a priceless cultural aspect, as well as a laid back beach holiday or an action packed one, depending in your preferences. Diving enthusiasts should especially do a dive in the Red Sea that is known for its rich underwater world. A Sahara desert tour with a four by four or with a buggy for a greater adrenaline rush where you will get to watch the blazing sun set behind the massive sand dunes will be something you will remember forever. Egypt has an immense plethora of things to offer the visitor and there is really so much to see. If you want to get a little taste of everything, one way that can prove quite rewarding is to visit Egypt and the Red Sea by cruise. You can get the summer feel well in advance of summer by visiting from January to March, with minimal planning and hassle on your part.

Cairo-Egypt Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean

GIZA-PYRAMIDS Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean
Sunset-over-Sahara-Desert Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean

Red-Sea-Diving-Underwater Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean

pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean


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