How to spend three days in Manchester

2fb12a5e-e21e-4ac5-b397-f44cfe76b8b4-829x1024 How to spend three days in ManchesterManchester, the best choice if you want to have a quick but interesting getaway. It always intrigued me and finally I had the opportunity to visit thanks to VisitManchester . Even if it was the middle of summer the weather was so cold that it looks like winter but I was prepared and you know, I like gloomy weather like the one UK can offer.

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I stayed in Lowry Hotel located in Salford Quays, the perfect waterfront location for visiting the city. It has been transformed from industrial dock to modern cultural hub. A great idea of renovation.

The first impression when I was arrived was that Manchester looks like a little London and New York and indeed I knew that Manchester, especially the Northern quarter, has been chosen from the filmmakers for the resemblance of New York.

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Instead thanks for its distinctive architecture, narrow back streets, fire escapes, and the plethora of street art, it’s no surprise that The Northern Quarter has often drawn comparisons with New York.

But Manchester isn’t only this: it’s also fascinating history, interactive attractions, magnificent architecture.. it’s the birthplace of the industrial revolution and that’s probably why it’s nowadays one of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the UK.

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In fact, the symbol of this city in the worker bee and it has been since the 1800s. It stands for work ethic, cooperation and industry. You can see the worker bee all over Manchester: in the city crest, in the streets and in the mosaics.

Although Manchester is proud for its role in science (it has been the first to split the atom) and in history (thanks to the industrial revolution), every district has its own personalities and true character.

My fav spots in Manchester

First of all, The Norther Quarter which is full of street art, galleries, boutiques and cafés. It caught my attention due to its fierce hipster character. Every corner has something indistinguishable.

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Secondly, John Rylands Library which is outstanding. In fact, it looks more like a castle or a cathedral from the outside but inside you will be amazed, too.

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For a facade lovers like me, King Street has to be on the list. It has different beautiful points with architectural gems. See it to believe!

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Barton Arcade is a pretty corner to see and to take a shot of.

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Chinatown is to try for the food and the delights you can taste inside its narrow streets.

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Regarding the food, there are different restaurants that I’ll love to suggest.

One it’s called 20 stories and it’s located in the Spinningfields district: it’s a rooftop restaurant and botanical terrace guided by a Michelin starred chef named Aiden Byrne. The view is mesmerizing.

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Another one is Mackie Mayor which has quite a unique style. It’s a big Victorian meat market where you can find artisan food traders in a made-for-photos location. Cuisine from all over the World in it, so prefect for everyone.

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Furthermore, you can choose between different pubs and bars. The Peveril of the Peak is the most distinctive pub in Manchester. Its building dates back to the 1820s and the interior is unique. The atmosphere is cosy and you can taste great ale on draft.

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Old Trafford, as a football lover, has been on my bucket list for so much time so it was personally a must to see. Don’t be angry with me, citizens! It could be described as the temple of football.

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