Malta: the island full of life, history and cultures in the Mediterranean Sea.


Let’s start with a bit of geography of Malta.

Malta is a Southern European Island Country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s very close to Italy (Sicily) and Africa (Tunisia). Because of that, the climate is very mild and sunny. It has 300 days of sun per year. Therefore you can visit it without thinking about the season.

The archipelago of Malta consists of three major islands: Malta (of course), Gozo and Comino.

Unfortunately I didn’t have so much time to visit all but only Malta Island.

Malta has two official languages which are Maltese and English.

However, the Italian language is also spoken from more than half of the population.

A thing you will surely notice visiting the island is that it’s very chaotic for the traffic. Moreover, the cities are very near the other ones: you cannot understand when one city ends and the other starts. In fact, the datas say that it is one of the World’s smallest and most populated country.

The capital of Malta is La Valletta.

The towns to visit in Malta Island


First of all, La Valletta. It’s the first city I visited as soon as I arrived.

Valletta contains essentially baroque buildings of 16th century onwards mixed with modern architecture.

It is located in a peninsula between two harbors. For that reason, from here you can enjoy stunning view of Sliema in the North, the Three cities in the South and the open sea to the East.

You will need a full day to visit it and prepare your legs because it’s all up-and-down alleys but it’s worth the fatigue.

Least but not last, the capital of Malta is a UNESCO World Heritage City and the 2018 European Capital of Culture. The city center is full of historical and religious buildings. Since it’s pedestrian only, it represents the perfect escape for the Island traffic.

Finally, what I like most are the colorful balconies of the picturesque alleys. You can see them below.

…Other pretty cities

Birgu also called CittΓ  Vittoriosa is an old fortified city on the South side of the Grand Harbor of Valletta. It’s one of the Three Cities and I loved strolling and getting lost in its narrow and quiet alleys.

Mdina is the previous capital of Malta. Also known as the Silent City, it’s located in the north of the Island. The name of the city is Arab but with a Cathedral in its center. It’s a walled city with narrow and quite laneways and cobblestone surfaces.

I love stroll in these narrow silent streets with lots of beautiful details.

Marsaxlokk is without any doubts one of the most picturesque city of Malta located in the South region.

It’s now a fishing village and the largest fishing harbor of Malta. You have probably already seen it in some pics: a vessel’s line in a colorful display with a beautiful background.

Sliema is a major residential and commercial area with lots of shops and cafes. It has also a promenade known as Sliema front. I imagine that here is beautiful running and walking.

It’s very well connected with Valletta. For visiting the Island I used public transport.

The Valletta station is just a 20 minute ride from Sliema and then most places are within an hour ride from there (they are near but you have to take into consideration the relentless traffic).

Here is were I stayed at The Palace Hotel. A charming place!

The Palace Hotel in Malta

The Palace is a 5 stars luxury hotel in Sliema and offers different rooms such as the comfort rooms as well as the deluxe, superior and executive rooms arriving to the designer and junior suites.

Sliema is a city with a unique style and I adore the combination of modern elements with the typical maltese narrow streets.  The views from The Palace are unique, especially the ones from the 9th floor where you can find the Infinity pools and the TemptAsian Rooftop Restaurant.


The location is ideally located near the Mediterranean Sea, the city of Valletta and St. Julian’s. So it could be perfect for anyone.

The Rooms and Suites

Regarding the rooms, the designer suites are unique of its kind. I’ve stayed in the Flavours Suite but there are also the Fragance Suite, the Light Suite, the Music Suite, the Texture and the View Suite.

What I like most of my room is obviously the view from the 7th floor and the 50s style Deco influenced by Coca-Cola. The lime and pastel blue tones are perfectly combined with the atmosphere of this sensational room. It’s more like an experience than just only a room. I was so surprised when I found out that this is the one and only Coca-Cola branded room in the entire World. The retro style that this brand’s theme evokes in the Suite is in line with the other selected objects that are there too.

When I first entered into this room, I felt like being catapulted back in time. The bar was also prepared for me and there were so many tasty desserts and fruits to eat. Perfect gifts after the flight and the travel.

Oh my, the bar! What can I say, I’ve never found a bar like this in a hotel.

Even the Jukebox  and the dining table are unconventional, too!

Moreover, the private terrace of the Suite provides a stunning view of the Sea and the city of Valletta.

The places in here is large enough for hosting small private events. The location is just perfect!

Dining at The Palace in Malta

TemptAsian Rooftop Restaurant is located on the 9th floor of the building and as I have already said it offers spectacular views.

I was so pleased to be invited to have dinner in here. The location is super cool as well as the Asian fusion menu and the wine’s list.

The atmosphere here is very harmonious and the furniture is very charming.

I eat some delicious food accompanied by a perfect glass of wine for each course.

In summer you can also enjoy a pool bar that is opened all day long for drinking a cocktail or a refreshing drink or snack by the infinite pool enjoying the view over the harbor.

This is my personal experience but if you want to tell me yours or if you need any other tips for planning your holiday, don’t hesitate to comment below or send me an email. I’ll be very happy to help!



  • Lynne Sarao

    Wow, I have to admit I didn’t know much about Malta before reading your post. It looks like an incredibly picturesque place to visit. Your photos are gorgeous! I’d love to spend an afternoon walking through the streets of Valleta. Then I would cool off by taking a dip in that incredible looking pool at the Palace hotel. That’d be a great place to catch the sunset!

    • dagniee

      Yes, I’m sure that in summer it could be very relaxing after strolling in the city center. I hope to come back later this year and try this πŸ™‚

  • Amy Draheim

    That hotel’s designer themed suites are just incredible, and your photography of the hotel and the surrounding cities are really exceptional. I always thought Malta looked beautiful. Your photos highlighted some of the best spots – I really hope to make it there someday!

    • dagniee

      Hi Amy,
      yes to hotel’ spots are awesome and very colorful. The design of the hotel is unique. Malta is very beautiful too and deserves a visit πŸ™‚

  • Katie

    Love your pictures. They are so inspiring. I love the cute little streets that looks so old but so well perseverd. They seem so romantic. Thanks for sharing, you have inspired me to visit Malta.

  • Shruti Prabhu

    Malta is so gorgeous. I’m a sucker for a good infinity pool and that one looks amazing! The 50s style Decor is quite unusual. Love your choice of hotels. Gotta put Malta on my bucketlist for 2018.

  • Followingtherivera

    The Palace Hotel looks like my kind of place! Your photos are amazing as always, and reminds me a lot of southern Italy and Sicily! I’d love some sunshine right now, and reading this has given it to me, thank you!

    • dagniee

      Malta is very near to Sicily and the architecture reminds the Southern one. The English colonial style is visible too so it’s a perfect combination πŸ™‚

  • Brianna

    Malta looks so pretty. I was secretly hoping that my flight home from Tel Aviv would be cancelled or something, so I’d have time to take a quick flight over to Malta for a few days.

  • Nathan

    What a coincidence, I was actually reading up on tourist attractions that Malta has to offer, as it is Europe’s cultural capital for the year. Mdina looks like it is at the crossroads of influences from both continents, while Valletta looks like it was frozen in time with remnants from centuries ago. This is certainly an amazing travel destination which is so underrated!

    • dagniee

      Moreover it’s still not expensive compared to other European country and untouched. I’m glad I persuade you Nathan in considering Malta like a destination to visit πŸ™‚

  • Mohit

    I wonder if I be staying at The Palace then I would hardly be stepping out of its delightful rooms and the ininity pool and would have missed a lot from the streets to the vessele lined harbour….Great article

  • Amy @ Family Globetrotters

    Malta looks stunning! I had no idea it was so picturesque. I love meandering through narrow cobblestoned streets too and I love just getting lost without an agenda. And I love your photos….. just makes me want to jump on that plane now!

  • Danijela

    Oh, your post comes just in a right time! I’ve been planning to go to Malta this year. How’s the weather in September?
    Valletta looks just like a city I’d love, charming and full of history. Love your photos of narrow streets and those baroque buildings.
    Mdina also sounds interesting. (It means “the town” in Arabic.) They call it the Silent City, you say? Oh, can wait to take a stroll there!
    The hotel looks lovely, by the way. But given the decoration of the Flavours Suite, I’d probably crave cakes all the time! πŸ˜€

    • dagniee

      In Malta there are at least 300 days of sun per year. So September could be the right compromise because in summer is full of tourists. It’s still warm and you can sunbathe. I have been there in March and was very sunny. The hotel is very cool and perfect for you πŸ™‚

  • Olivia

    Wow! Malta is beautiful. A friend from university had family in Malta – and visited for the first time in her teens. She loved it. Beautiful photos!

  • Katie

    What a great post! Beautiful images of a beautiful country. That hotel seems right up my street as i love anything retro inspired, will definitely think of toys place next time I’m booking a holiday. Plus 300 days of sun a year…. yes please! Thanks for sharing 😊

    • dagniee

      It’s quite calm but not everywhere, it depends on the zone because in some cities there are plenty of locals and bars for young people.

  • Simone

    Malta is one of those placed that i am planning to visit on my van trip across Europe this year, the warm weather is a great temptation!
    Nice article an great pictures!

  • Sidrah

    Oh my God your pics are compelling me to visit this place soon. Thank you for sharing and letting us know about this place. Malta is indeed a pretty place

  • Mohana Das

    So gorgeous! The streets look sun-soaked and I loved the bougainvillaea creeping up along the wall. The infinity pool seems like the perfect place to watch the sunset from!


    My Dad has been to Malta, but I am yet to make it there. Your pictures have cemented it on my bucket list and I now need to find some cheap flights from the Uk.

  • Kelly

    My friend has been going in about going to Malta for a while now, just told her to have a read of this. Really didn’t realise how pretty Malta was, looks lovely! On my bucket list now thanks

  • laagan kaayo

    I only knew Malta because of Nas Daily.. but these pictures that you shared finally convinced me that this country is really beautiful and I would love to go here somedaaaay.. *fingers-crossed*

  • Amy

    I have only recently heard of Malta and now it’s on the top of my list to visit this year! Great post and pinned for future reference πŸ™‚

  • Bernie

    We’ve thought about Malta for a while, and this strengthens my resolve to visit. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the idea of those narrow cobbled streets and local harbours. The themed room is rather lovely too; I’ve seen a Ben and Jerry’s cow themed cabin on a ship, but the retro decor here is fab!

    • dagniee

      Everything is Fab Bernie. It’s strange too because you feel like being in London but with the sun and a warm temperature.

  • Denny George

    It is amazing how a small island like Malta can have so much history associated with it, being located in crossroads of different cultures. Valetta looks spectacular in your photographs. The hotel looks comfortable and seems to have an incredible view.

  • Moimehr

    Not everyday does one get to read about countries like this. I love reading about Malta because I don’t get to read much about it everyday. Looks like a dream destination. Pictures are amazingly stunning. So much to see and do, nothing should be missed.

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