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I’ve always heard people talking about Malmö but I’ve never had the opportunity to visit it. Finally I had my chance thanks to Malmo Town and as soon as I arrived, I realized the closeness to Copenaghen. It’s only 40 minutes by train.

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Me as well as other people (I think) don’t realize this characteristic. In fact, the last time I went to Copenaghen, it didn’t cross my mind. You can visit it in a day thanks to the famous Öresund Bridge that links Europe to Scandinavia. This is also where bus and trains pass every hours.

I don’t know if it’s for its closeness but the first thing you notice is that Malmö is walkable (like Copenaghen) and the cycling routes take you everywhere.

My start point was Elite Savoy Hotel, located in the city centre close to the railway station and the Stortorget, the historic market square in Malmö. If you keep walking, you will come across the historical centre of Malmö: the Gamla Staden. This is of course the heart of the city and of course the oldest part of this industrial port town. It’s a mix of museums, great eateries, colorful houses and cultural attractions. From here you can also reach the ultra-modern and innovative district of Västra Hamnen. It is located on a former shipyard area right beside the sea, only less than a kilometer north-west of the medieval town of Malmö.

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The energy supply of the district is completely self-sufficient and is based 100 percent on wind and solar energy and biogas. The air conditioning of the buildings is done by solar panels and heat pumps, seawater and groundwater.

Besides the high quality of living, Västra Hamnen has also a high and diverse recreational value. The entire area is criss-crossed by green spaces, ponds, artificial watercourses and fountains. 

Slottsparken is a park in the city of Malmö and in one corner of it you can find Malmö City Library. I had time to visit it due to the rainy weather and it’s worth a visit! Across the canal there is Kungsparken. Slottsparken and Kungsparken are actually two parts of the same continuous park and sometimes there are confusion about the names and tourists.

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Another instagrammable place I visited thanks to the bad weather is Triangeln Railway Station. The entrance is spectacular.

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So if you have the chance to visit Malmö, consider it as a great solution for a day or two. I hope to have convinced some of you! If you need more information, don’t hesitate to write below!

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