Itinerary of Krk: what to see in this pretty Croatian Island.

Krk Island and its cities

Me and my girlfriend decided to pass this Easter with some friends in Krk, a beautiful Croatian Island.

It’s not so far from Italy. In fact,  driving along the coast and passing by a mile long bridge, we reached the island of Krk. It’s located in the northern Adriatic Sea and it’s famous because of its mild climate, its geographical position, its natural and cultural beauty.

The beaches here are already wild and untouched (well, most of them). Therefore I hope you can visit it as soon as possible, at least before this could change.

Not all of you know that this is the largest island in Croatia and has so many pretty cities and stunning landscapes.

The northern and eastern coast is the wildest, most rocky, less inhabited and beaten by the bora, while the southern and western coast is more sheltered, the climate is milder and warmer and is rich in lush vegetation.

The ideal is to visit both, especially since the island is small enough to be easily traveled independently by car in a few days. 

One tip: change your money into Kuna, the currency of Croatia. In the smallest shops or restaurants it’s the only money accepted.

Regarding the food, you can taste different meat and fish dishes, especially in the restaurants along the coast. Also the wine is good and there are lots of culinary itinerary and excursions.

Below there is a list of the picturesque cities I surely hope you visit during your trip in Krk.





Being the capital of the Island, it’s the most interesting city from the historical point of view.

In fact, the medieval walls can be seen even today and they embrace Vela Placa, the big square. The alleys of the city center are cobblestoned and they bring you up to the Castle. The view of the sea in so stunning, especially from there. The promenade located near the harbor is perfect for a walk in the evening or in the early morning. You can feel the breeze, a beautiful sensation.


krk island

The perfect place for admiring this beautiful village is the port. In fact, there is a cliff where this borgo is located that overlooks the sea. You can reach the harbor both going down the panoramic promenade or by car.

The village is small but pretty and has lots of beautiful beaches nearby.



Although it’s the well known touristic destination on the Island, it’s worth a visit.

The port is something that must be seen and the beach is the most amazing in the Island.

Furthermore, the location is perfect because the mountains around protect the beach from the wind and make the sea even calmer.

The view is spectacular from here!

Baska Voda

krk island

In here there is a big harbor and a long promenade.

All the cafes and restaurants located along it are very pretty.

Perfect spot for a walk or a dinner.

There are so many things to do in Krk and don’t hesitate to write me below if you need some tips for planning your trip in Croatia. I’ll be glad to help ๐Ÿ™‚



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