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Krakow: one of the most fascinating medieval cities in Europe

The top things to see in Krakow Old Town

As I have already said, Krakow is one of the most fascinating medieval cities in Europe and the fact that escaped World War II destruction surprised me a lot. In fact, there are not so many cases.

First, what I like most are its soaring Gothic church spires and cobblestone streets. 

Second, its Old Town heart is attested by UNESCO so there is no need to say that it’s very beautiful. 

I visited this town in December, it was cold outside but there were lots of Christmas markets, perfect for tasting some local food. 

Different monuments in Krakow Old Town

St Mary’s Basilica in Krakow is a striking brick church that overlooks Rynek Glowny, the main Square of the Old Town city. It has two gothic towers of different heights, that’s why it’s so impressive! Moreover, it’s one of the most important religious structures in Poland, too.

In the same place you can also find the Cloth Hall (also known as Sukiennice). It’s a Renaissance building with Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance and Rococo touches alike. Inside it hosts a museum complete with paintings and sculptures while underground there are different exhibitions regarding Krakow medieval ways of life. 

Obviously it’s located in the center of the Old Town Market Square. This represents one of the landmarks of the city and its famous main plaza. The atmosphere here is so great and relaxing.

Furthermore, the Wavel Cathedral is a must-to-see! In fact, the Royal Cathedral has witnessed over the centuries so many coronations, funerals and burials of Poland’s monarchs and strongmen.

Nowadays, this is not the original Church but it’s the third on the same site. The present-day Cathedral is a gothic structure. Different chapels were built around it in the years. Inside, there is also a Tower and the views from here are worth the climb!

Anyway, the rooftop view I like most is the one from te Academy of Music in Krakow. You can see it below. 

IMG_7896-300x300 Krakow: one of the most fascinating medieval cities in Europe

In conclusion, I can suggest you to get lost and stroll in Krakow alleys to find more hidden gems of this enchanting city. Let me know what you could find!

Artery Hotels in Krakow

For visiting Krakow city, I stayed in Artery hotels. As the name suggests, this is a group of hotels based in the city center. They strongly believe that exploring a city is not just about ticking monuments off the list. Hence they have created a space not only to sleep in but also where you can experience other unique sensations. 

I stayed in Zulian aparthotel: its stylish interior and familiar but intimate atmosphere surprised me a lot! This is exactly what I was talking about in the previous paragraph. 

In fact, it’s a 20th-century town house inside which 1900s mosaic decorated floors have been preserved until today. 

The boutique rooms are only twenty-nine, all different but all linked by modern design and great comfort!

There is also a little garden for chilling out after a walk in the city center. The breakfast tastes amazing too and it’s served near the garden, so definitely a super nice location! 

In conclusion, don’t hesitate to book a room here for experimenting the true Krakow.


pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Krakow: one of the most fascinating medieval cities in Europe


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