Frankfurt: portrait of the smallest metropolis in the world.

The Old Frankfurt city center

Frankfurt is the most international city in Germany and the largest financial centre on the continent. Because it has been a trading centre for centuries, the atmosphere here is hospitable. In fact, different cultures co-lives so peacefully. Most of the people living in Frankfurt are not German and this is why you will probably find a restaurant who serves your favorite food or people speaking your language.

img_8056 Frankfurt: portrait of the smallest metropolis in the world.

Frankfurt can be visited for tourism or for business reason: in any case, you should take your time to discover a little of this hidden gem.

Me myself didn’t know how beautiful city is and that it is also called “Mainhattan”.

Simply “Frankfurt am Main” is similar to Manhattan because of the presence of numerous skylines.

When I first arrived here, this is what exactly taken my attention.

Moreover, the combination of different cultures is the second element that impress me the most.

But now we must concentrate on the things to see and discover.

First of all, the Römerberg, Frankfurt’s Old Town Center. Not only is the most picturesque public square in the city but you can also find different shops and the Römer. This is a medieval building and the most beautiful landmark in this pedestrian zone. It’s located opposite to St. Nicholas Church and been the city hall for over 600 years. The Old St Nicholas Church is a medieval Lutheran church. All this area of the Old Town is called Altstadt and includes other sites of relevant interests such as the Old Town Hall (Altes Rathaus), with its Imperial Hall (Kaisersaal), the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) and the 14th-century Gothic Church of St. Leonhard.

Another part of Frankfurt to see

As most of you probably already know, I love to take pictures from the rooftop or view from the upper spots in a city.

So here below I suggest you where you can go to enjoy Frankfurt view from the above.

Firstly, St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. It is the largest religious building in the city and a former collegiate church. Despite his name, it has not been a true Cathedral but a Kaiserdom, a sort of imperial cathedral, due to its importance as former coronation church of the Holy Roman Empire. The view from the Tower is quite outstanding!

IMG_8209 Frankfurt: portrait of the smallest metropolis in the world.

Another interesting point of view is the one from the Main Tower. As the name suggests, it’s the highest point in Frankfurt. It’s an observation platform situated some 100 meters above the Frankfurt streets. There is also a restaurant and a lounge where you can take a break enjoying an unforgettable view from the skyline.

Finally, other highlights of the city that deserve a visit if you have more time are the following.

Palmengarten is the largest botanic garden in Germany, dating back to 1868. It’s located in the West End quartier, fully of pretty alleys and quite villas. This palm garden covers 50 acres of beautiful tropical and subtropical plant species. Worth a visit.

The Goethe House and Museum is the family house and the gallery of the Germany’s greatest writer.

Last but not least, the Museum district is full of Museums for the lovers of art and history.

The Iron Bridge connects Frankfurt’s downtown to the neighborhood of Sachsenhausen. It’s the only walking bridge in the city and it’s full of thousand of love locks. Although there is several bridges that spans across the Main River, this one offers fantastic views of “Mainhattan”.

The hotel

This time I had the pleasure to be hosted in a different but a unique hotel.

It’s called 25hours Hotel Frankfurt The Goldman and it’s located in a creative area named Ostende in the east. It’s the perfect point for exploring the city both by day and by night.

It has a very beautiful bar and even a restaurant. The breakfast served in the bar is continental and has a lots of different choices, both salty and sweet.

The hotel has international personality, with modern furnishings. Instead each room has its own distinctive character. Below you can see the charm of it!

What I like most is the unicity of the spaces and the colorfulness of the structure.

Mostly, the Goldman surprised me a lot for its style.

It offers also the possibility to rent a bike or a Mini (yes, the car) to explore the city: great chance!

In the room I have also found a Freitag bag, perfect to bring with me for discovering Frankfurt. I put everything I need in it, another wonderful idea. 

In addition, the very kind staff made me also a special gift that I find in my room as soon as I arrive. That’s very welcoming!


pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 Frankfurt: portrait of the smallest metropolis in the world.


  • Danijela

    Oh, how lovely the Old Town Center is!
    You know, I’ve never actually been to Frankfurt, even though I often change flights there. I guess that I haven’t really regarded the city for being anything more than a nice layover. But I should obviously reconsider that! 😀
    Next time, I’ll plan to spend more time in exploring the city before my next flight, thanks! 🙂

  • Shruti Bondal

    This is good blog. Generally I always thought of Frankfurt as a business destination. I actually wanted to see more pictures of the hotel. Have you uploaded them anywhere?

    • dagniee

      I’m very happy that you like my blog. You can see more shots on my social media channels. I’ve already uploaded some of them and I’ll upload more in the next days.
      Frankfurt is not only a business destination but before visiting it, I admit I had the same feeling.

  • Marquita

    I have never seen a view of Frankfurt’s skyline and it is stunning! I’m interested in seeing more of the historical buildings. I think they are so cute. Thanks for sharing!

    • dagniee

      Usually you can see shots of the Historical city centre actually but the modern part of Frankfurt is spectacular too.

    • dagniee

      Hi Janine,
      There are so many beautiful cities in the World that we sometimes forget the spectacular ones we have already seen. I can totally agree with that feeling.

  • Followingtherivera

    Your photos are just wonderful! It’s been a long time since I was last in Frankfurt, and I’d love to go back and see these sights. Those urinals are very different too! A great read!

  • Nathan

    Frankfurt looks spectacular in this post of yours. The Old Town is especially inviting with those lovely, olden architecture of the various buildings. I would really love to check out the bird’s eye view all the way at the peak of the Main Tower as well, since the pictures you captured there look gorgeous as you looked upon the entire city centre of Frankfurt.

    • dagniee

      Hi Nathan,
      I’m happy to read that you like the city through my shots.
      The historical city center is not so big although there are so many things to see and visit.
      The modern area is amazing too therefore it has been a very hard choice of what to see to make for me.

  • Jim Jones

    What a beautiful city! I’ve been to multiple places in Germany, but sadly have only flown through Frankfurt and not visited it. The old town is beautiful…looks like I should allow some time for a visit on my next trip through FRA airport!

    • dagniee

      Hi Jim,
      Yes I surely recommend that. If you have the possibility to spend a couple of hours in the center to visit it that would be a great opportunity.

  • Brianna

    I really love the look of the Old City. I’ll be landing in Frankfurt in May. My plan was to go straight to Cologne, but it may be worth it to spend the afternoon in the older part!

    • dagniee

      Hi Brianna,
      yes that would be great! If you can do that, if you maybe could have a couple of hours to spend there, that would be great dear.

  • Leigh

    I love these pictures of Frankfurt! We haven’t been yet but it looks gorgeous. It makes me want to jump on a plane and visit now!

    • dagniee

      I didn’t personally know how beautiful Frankfurt is. So I surely recommend to visit the city as soon as you have the possibility to book a cheap flight, even for a weekend or a couple of days.

  • neha

    The Goldman surprised me as well for its style as seen from your pictures. Overall you had a very comfortable stay, isn’t it? And I like the way the old charm of Frankfurt seems to have been well preserved amidst all the newer and modern constructions around it. I guess it’s city worth a visit.

    • dagniee

      Yes, I must admit my stay was very comfortable. This is really a wonderful hotel with a great staff and lots of services.

  • Zoya

    Wow, I never new Frankfurt’s old city centre was so beautiful! I’ve been to Germany twice before actually, but didn’t get a chance to visit here. I think apart from exploring the old part of town, finding the best spot to picture that gorgeous skyline, I’d really like to visit the Palmengarten. It reminds me of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Just gorgeous!

  • Alberto C

    I visited Frankfurt a good few years ago and I absolutely loved the city. The old town is very charming and a great contrast with the financial district, I wouldn’t mind going back there sometime! Great photos by the way 🙂

  • Bruce Schinkel

    I never had Frankfurt high on my list, but that has definitely changed after reading this! I love the mix of old and new world, and the culture that has been created by so many years of trading/tourism

  • Yukti

    Frankfurt is my favorite city with all modern and Germany styled ancient buildings. I want to go once again for amazing positive vibes of this city Frankfurt.

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