Enjoy the crossing of the San Pellegrino pass with my drone.


This is where the ascent for the pass begins.

Walking is the best way to discover all the secrets of these mountains. At this Pass both young and old can take part of this experience, due to a numerous network of trails suited for simple or longer walks, or even more challenging excursions. There are also several equipped trails and the famous military “vie ferrate” on the Creste di Costabella, where you can see impressive remains of barracks, bridges, ladders, tunnels and observation posts dating back to World War One.

Lifts operate in summer, making it even easier to get to the highest peaks.

I like going upon the woods but going above the clouds with my drone makes me crazy!

Italy’s Dolomites Mountains, with breathtaking landscapes and old-world traditions, offer some of the most beautiful and unique travel experiences on earth.

The view of the blade from above.

But the Dolomites aren’t only about skiing and sightseeing. They also have some of the most tasty cuisine which is a unique mix of Italian, Austrian, and the native Ladino.

An excellent way to sample the tastes of the Dolomites is to visit one of the many rifugios located throughout the region. Here you can taste also the particular wine of the zone. How can anyone resist it?!?

For those of you with a sweet tooth the local pastries is a must at the very ending of the meal.

Remember that all is set to the backdrop of incredible natural beauty of the Dolomites! That makes everything more special.


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