My two days in Budapest: the combination of Buda and Pest.

The city of Budapest

I’m honest, Budapest wasn’t on my bucketlist. 

I don’t know why, maybe for the coldness or maybe because Eastern European countries never  appeal me. Anyway, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Kempinsky Hotel Corvinus and I can’t refuse it but know I prefer to tell you about the city and later about the hotel.

Just arrived, Budapest shows itself foggy and cold as I thought it was but when I reached out the center these negative sensation turned into positive because the fog rising from the Danubio river and the imposing and luminous palaces overlooking it make everything so charming.


As soon as I left the luggages, we went out to explore the neighborhood nearby. 

The Basilica of St. Stephen was so close so we went there at first. The Square is big and there are lots of restaurants. Secondly, we took an alley that bring us directly to the Danube. 

As you probably already know, Budapest is divided in Buda and Pest. The distinction line is the Danube river. Buda on the western bank of the Danube and Pest on the bank opposite. The capital was built recently, in 1873. 

Even if they’ve been populated for centuries, Pest and Buda have developed so separately that the first bridge bestriding the Danube, the imposing Chain Bridge, wasn’t built until 1849. 

Here there are shots of the Liberty Bridge.

Buda is built on a series of hills so it offers different amazing panoramas. An example is the view across to Pest from the Fisherman’s Bastion on Castle Hill. Buda has an imperial air. 
Pest is busy, with lots of bars, cafes, restaurants. Pest is populous.


On the left bank of the river Danube there is the Buda Castle, one of the main attractions in Budapest. Since it’s on a hill, Buda has many narrow roads that make it hard to circulate with a car, so I prefer visiting it on foots. It’s so much better.

Also, this means that it’s a much more beautiful view of the city, since it’s on a hill, and seeing the Danube, the bridges and the Parliament Building on the Pest side is something you won’t forget.

My favorite part is the Fisherman’s Bastion, near the restored Matthias Church. The bastion was built as a viewing terrace with lookout towers on the base of a stretch of the castle walls. The wide stairs leading up to the Fishermen’s Bastion provide a dramatic entrance to the Castle Hill attractions and to the views of the Pest side sights, as you can see below.






Instead Pest is the more modern part of the city, where there are no hills. In fact we used metro, tram and buses. It’s very well serviced with different means of transports.

Here you can find all the shops and the social life, where Budapest really comes alive and where you can enjoy a more modern experience as opposed to the more historical of Buda. The restaurants are contemporary in the design and gourmet in the menus.



The fact is that Budapest is not an expensive city so it’s possible to taste different kind of cuisine with low prices. 

Pest also has some of the most interesting museums, such as the House of Terror. Not forget to visit the Hungarian Parliament that’s it’s near the Danube river and the Heroes Square. 

Finally, the famous Szechenyi Baths are all here and they are perfect for people looking for some relax. 

Least but not last, we also visit the famous Great market Hall: if you love fresh goods, people watching, shopping you will love this place. Whatever it shines or rains, the Great Market Hall is a great option anyway.  

The Jewish Quarter is also a great spot to visit. It’s full of street art painting on the walls and Synagogues. 

We went to eat in Mazel Tov in this area and it was delicious: libanese delicious and high quality cuisine at low price in an outstanding location. You cannot ask for something more!





The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus in Budapest center

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is located in the city center. It’s quite easy to reach it from the airport with bus number 100E. Go down at the last stop and in less then 5 minutes by walking you will arrive there. It’s a luminous, renovated building. We stayed in a superior room: it is quite big, with a king-size bed and contemporary decor. Because we were on the 8th floor, the view on the street and the square was outstanding. Even the bathroom was so cozy: you can choose between the bathtub and the shower. Great thing I guess! 
Kempinski Corvinus
Kempinski budapest
We also visited the Royal Suite, located on the 9th floor, the top floor. It’s quite enormous: there is a living room separated from the bedroom and a full kitchen with a 24 hour butler. Therefore the Royal Suite Corvinus offers wonderful views of the city in unique and unparalleled elegance, space and comfort. This is why many celebrities (such as Madonna and Michael Jackson) prefer to stay here and just relax.
Budapest suite
Instead Kempinski The Spa offers a huge variety of Elemental Herbology treatments and massages, a fitness centre, Finnish and aroma saunas, a steam room, a Kneipp-bench, a tepidarium, an indoor pool as well as a health bar. The pool overlooks the Square and it’s the perfect spot for relaxing.
Finally, I have to talk about the breakfast one of the best I have ever done. The location is very beautiful and there are different culinary specialities. 

… and its restaurants and bars 

ÉS Bisztró buffet breakfast offers plenty of items, including freshly cut fruits, homemade jams and chocolate, rooftop-grown herbs, freshly baked pastries and dishes made from local ingredients. In here you can find also Hungarian specialities and choices for people who are vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free. 
In ÉS Deli there are delicious such meaty and meat-free sandwiches, home-made pastries and freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices. It’s famous also for the coffee specialities and you can have it on the go. 
The Blue Fox The Bar became famous in the last years for the cocktails preparations to drink during the nightlife. You will not regret it!
The Nobu Restaurant is the first Central-European member of Nobu’s worldwide dining empire. In here you can taste Japanese cuisine where traditional techniques are redefined through South American flavours. 
breakfast in Kempinski
Best cuisine
Budapest corvinus kempinski
Of course if you need some tips, don’t hesitate to contact me with an mail or commenting here below.




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