The romantic city of Bruges and its highlights

Bruges is the most romantic city I’ve ever visited, especially in winter. In fact it’s all about medieval canals, cobblestone little streets, swans on the Reitjes and paved square. It is a contemporary cultural destination with respect for history and tradition. 

But Bruges is not only this! It is also UNESCO world heritage since 2000 due to its history. Particularly, Burg is the historical heart of Bruges and was already inhabited in the 2nd century AD.

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The Market Square (Markt) was the scene of medieval festival, fairs, executions and uprisings. The most striking building is the Belfry Tower. Inside this tourist attraction there is a carillon with 47 bells and it was recognized as intangible heritage from UNESCO.

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If you love the idea of a carriage ride, Markt is the best place to pick one up and fancy a tour of Bruges.

Winter Glow and Winter activites in Bruges

I was invited by VisitBruges for the Winter Glow to spend few days in the city. During the Christmas time, the atmosphere in Bruges is so authentic. In fact, the Winter Glow is a new way to celebrate the year’s end and it offers lots of activities to enjoy the city for more days.

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I stayed at Monsieur Ernest and is ideally located in the city center, so the perfect choice!

Bruges is a destination worth more than a 24h stop because you have different things to do. I stayed there for 4 days and still had few sites to see and activities to do!

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For example, during the Winter Glow you can go ice-skating on the Minnewater (Lake of Love – a unique sustainable rink made of synthetic ice) and then have a drink at the cosy Winter bar with local drinks and snacks.

The Bruges Christmas and Winter Market is located on the Markt, the most suggestive Square. The stalls offer local food and drinks but also handmade gifts to give at Christmas.

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Winter is the best time to explore Bruges for the decorated Christmas trees and the atmospherically illuminated streets. The combination of the two elements create a unique setting to enjoy the vacation. The Christmas markets all over the city are certain to get you in the festive spirit, no doubt about that. 

I joined a guided bike tour organized by Quasimundo and there was a local guides me around on a bike. It was my first experience of this kind but I like it because it was fun, ecological and let you see different perspectives of the city.

I did Brugge by bike which is a classic tour lasting over two hours and the guides will show you their favorite spots away from the crowds.

Food tips

I had the opportunity to have lunch at bar à vin Cuvee in Bruges.

It offers a selection of 15 natural wines accompanied by tapas and local charcuterie, artisanal cheese and other small dishes made by Fred.

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Great place to enjoy a meal and relax in the terrace in one of Bruges’ hippest streets.

Another day I went to De Republiek that is the Belgium’s version of Gran Cafe. You can have a cup of coffee in the morning, a tea in the afternoon, a dinner in the evening and a cocktail after dinner. Perfect spot for each moments of the day.

If you need any other tips, please do not hesitate to write a message below.

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  • Francesca Wellman

    The city looks so magical with the Christmas lights! I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice on cruises in warmer weather but I think I’d love to visit and wander the streets all wrapped up and cosy!

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