About me

Hey everyone, I’m Daniele and my true passions are travel, exploring and adventure.

I consider myself as a traveller, a self taught photographer who is fascinated by the essence of every place I visit.

I don’t care about the destination because my curiosity is attracted by any type of travels, whether luxury or backpacking, whether in town or in nature. There’s no kind of trip or traveling experience I would refuse. 

Every money I earn and save goes on fulfilling my dream: visiting the world in its entirety.

In fact, my purpose in life is to visit a new place every month and with this blog I am trying to express the best of culture, beauty and lifestyle of the country I experienced. This is the main reason that pushed me to create this website.

Usually I travel with my girlfriend, Alessandra, and our little dog, Charlie, a very cute Beagle. My girlfriend helps me in creating my travel content and she’s a very special person. Here a link of her feed for knowing more about her. 

I usually share my experiences on Instagram with a growing and highly engaged community. 

As you can clearly see I aim to make my travel addiction the full-time job of my life.

I love to tell you about my journeys, experiences and thoughts in order to inspire the most of you.

Storytelling is  moreover the only way I have to involve people in what I do and I hope they like it, too!

Another aspect of my job is content creation: working for interesting projects pushed me to give the best of myself. It’s all but boring!

If you have other questions or if you want me to join a project, visit the Contact page or write me below!