3 Days Edinburgh itinerary on a budget with tips

    The perfect location to discover Edinburgh: the Haystack hostel. This was my first experience in a hostel and at the beginning I have to admit that I was not sure to want to experience that, due to my skepticism. But as soon as I arrived in the hostel, I realized that it was so cozy, so clean and perfectly based that I had to change instantaneously my idea. The Haystack hostel is nestled in between the old and the new town, very close to all means of transport.  The staff is very friendly and helpful, the breakfast is for free and moreover the interior furniture is modern and comfortable. There…

  • Flemish cities

    A day trip from Bruxelles to Flemish cities of Ghent and Bruges

    Belgium and its Flemish area Flanders is the northern region of Belgium and its more important cities are Ghent and Bruges. As I lived in Bruxelles for few months, I used to visit these cities from time to time. Bruxelles is the capital city of Belgium and its cosmopolitan atmosphere is what impressed me more. At the same time, it represents also the more problematic aspect because it’s not easy to talk about this city. In fact, in Bruxelles there are different people working with or for the European Union (the meetings of the European Commission and the European Council take place in Bruxelles) such as journalists, lobbyists and diplomats…


    A luxury five-star escape in Estepona, on the Costa del Sol

    The location: Estepona Kempinski Hotel Bahia is located in the very heart of Andalucia on the Costa del Sol, close to the city of Estepona and Marbella. Due to its position, it’s also possible to visit cities such as Seville, Cordoba, Granada and Gibraltar. The nearest Airport is in Malaga and from there you can take a bus or a taxy to reach other zone. Estepona has one of the most beautiful Old Towns in Andalucia with white streets lined with colorful plants, pretty squares and parks. We reached this city by bike from our hotel and it was nice because the road is along the beach so you can…

  • dagniee

    Unique Arab Baths experience in Granada: Hammam Al Andalus

    Granada, an Andalusian beauty Granada is the capital city of the province of Granada in Andalusia. It’s located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, yet is only an hour by car from the Mediterranean coast. The Alhambra, an Arab citadel and palace, is in Granada. This is the most-known building linked to the Andalusian islamic historic legacy with all its attractions and that’s why this city is so popular among tourists. The Moorish influence in the architecture that is very well preserved can be seen in all Albaycin neighborhood. Alhambra is all about royal palace, castle, fortress and gardens. Built between XIII and XIV centuries, it’s the most…


    Hamburg: what to see in 48 hours in this Hanseatic city

    Hamburg Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, as well as the second biggest port in Europe. Anyway, it’s not only a industrial centre: the city has lots of attractions and cultural events for the tourist and the local. The principal fortune of it was the water: the canals and the bridges could be find everywhere in Hamburg. Thanks to this, it entered the Hanseatic League as an industrious trading port, after some turbulent years. In the 19th century it became officially part of the German Empire and, later, part of the Weimar Republic. Due to its position, it’s now an important port and counts lots of inhabitants. The…

  • dresden

    Dresden: the city of music and art, far from being a known getaway

    City of Dresden The city of Dresden is located at the hearth of Saxony along Elbe river. The town is historical and picturesque, with fascinating sights, very artistic and cultural characteristics. The complexes are made with baroque style and have lots of gardens: the perfect location for a stroll. Moreover, there are also amazing natural scenery and other enjoyment. There are more options for visiting the city: renting a car is an option but the more traditional ways are with railways and steam boats. The tradition of wine-making goes back to 1940s. In fact, the mild climate allows wines to flourish on the hillsides of the Elbe. I’ve had the…

  • South mediterranean

    Sunshine holidays & more in the South Mediterranean

    South Mediterranean Area In the search for holidays full of sunshine, culture and more our quest takes us to the South Mediterranean area, revealing some enchanting destinations that promise a sunshine packed vacation, mostly all year round. Think beyond the usual Southern European coast countries that we usually associate with the Mediterranean, such as Spain, France, Italy, or Greece, and dare to travel further south to the Levantine coast and Cyprus, as well as the Northern African coast to Egypt. The former promises the visitor a laid back holiday by the sea with the infusion of diverse history that has left its mark throughout the ages, while the latter will…

  • Greek destinations

    2 plus 2 Greek destinations for year round holidays

    Greek destinations In the quest to uncover destinations for spending unforgettable holiday moments all year round, the journey takes us to Greece once again. Greece has been associated with wonderful summer holidays, however, it is a place that has a lot to offer, all year round. The mild Mediterranean climate it enjoys allows for it to have a long visiting season, so Spring through to Autumn benefit from the pre and post summer aura of Greek destinations. Considering a visit to Greece off peak summer, that is, not during July and August, may prove very rewarding as you get to avoid most of the crowds and high prices. Although islands…


    Discover England: the itinerary of Bath and Castle Combe.

    England Countryside For those who are visiting a city like London, and want to escape for a couple of days from the stress, noise and bustle of the sprawling metropolis of England, you can take refuge in the relaxing countryside of the South West and visit some quiet towns in the nearby. Bath Spa For example, Bath Spa is a well-known thermal city in the Somerset county of England. In fact, its name derives from the Roman baths (in English “baths”).  The beautiful hilly area of Cotswolds surrounded the city. It represents a splendid example of English countryside, full with pretty sceneries and fairy-tale villages where time seems to have…

  • dagniee

    London: the most unconventional streets and spots in England’s capital.

    London London is the capital of England and it has different districts and zones, each one with its own charme and beauty. It’s such a diverse and exciting city, so full of attractions that I don’t know where to start. The city of London is the historic heart of London. It has been part of the Roman Empire. It has been built along Thames river.  Nowadays, it’s more like a financial and commercial district with lots of skyscrapers and stately buildings. The riverside full of bars and restaurants makes London Bridge a vibrant and lively quarter. Around it, cultural events and iconic attractions are easy to find.  However, it’s still…