48 hours in two pretty Germany cities: Cologne and Münster


I’ve always wanted to visit these two Germany cities: Cologne and Münster.

The first is the oldest city in German and has so many things to see and visit.

First of all, the Old Town. During the World War II, most of the city area was destroyed and has to be rebuilt quite completely.

The Hohenzollern Bridge is a bridge that crossing the river Rhine. Originally, the bridge was both a railway and road bridge. Anyway, after its destruction in 1945 and its consequently reconstruction, it was only accessible to rail and pedestrian traffic. the view from here is so stunning. Great point for the photographer. 



The Rhine panorama with the Cathedral, the Roman Church and the Historic Town Hall has become so popular in the last years.


The Magnificent Cathedral hovers above the roofs and the chimneys of the city. In fact, it can be seen from every point of Cologne. You can enjoy it while setting in one of the traditional breweries in the neighborhood. One thing you must try id the Kölsch beer, a special beer only brewed in Cologne. It’s a light ale and it’s served in a tall cylindrical glass.


Cologne is located directly on the Rhine and the historically appearing character stands out immediately thanks to the narrow gables and high slated roofs.


Anyway, Cologne is also an art and culture metropolis internationally known. It has 42 museums, such as Museum Ludwig, and 120 different galleries with the widest variety of collections from ancient years.



This Germany city has over 1200 years of history. Thanks to its charme, it attracts lots of tourists. Here you will find both ancient medieval and modern buildings.  The atmosphere here is relaxing and calm.



One of the thing to absolutely see is the magnificent Cathedral Church of Saint Paul built in the 13th century. Also the Town Hall is very beautiful and worth a visit.


One of the most interesting places for walking in Münster is the Prinzipalmarkt famous for its beautiful Renaissance buildings. The facades here are kinda unique and I got lost strolling in these streets.



For those who love natural landscape I would recommend Aasee Lake: there are boat rides organized and a beautiful park that surrounds the lake. Perfect getaway for a walk in the green.

GoEuro app for planning a trip to both this pretty Germany cities

I planned my trip here using GoEuro, a simple but helpful application or site that makes you able to combine visits in different cities. Creating your own itinerary is easy: you just insert the city if departure and arrival with the dates and it provides you automatically different options.


In fact, the means of transport are different: train, bus, BlaBlaCar or combinations of them.

The results shown also the price and the length of the journey.

I would recommend it because it’s easy to use, it could be very useful during your trip around Europe and it’s cheap because the costs of the service and very very low but they are needed in order to guarantee the assistance.

I downloaded the App in my phone so I can have also the tickets in its without having to print them.


What are you waiting for using it?

Plan your next trip with GoEuro and you will visit more in less time.

If you want some more tips about GoEuro or the Germany cities, don’t hesitate to write me below.



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