About me

Hey everyone, I’m Daniele and my true passions are travel, exploring and adventure.

I consider myself as a traveller, a self taught photographer who is fascinated by the essence of every place I visit.

I don’t care about the destination because my curiosity is attracted by any type of travels, whether luxury or backpacking, whether in town or in nature.

Every money I earn and save goes on fulfilling my dreams: visiting the world in its entirety.

In fact, my purpose in life is to visit a new place every month and with this blog I am trying to express the best of culture, beauty and lifestyle of the country I experienced.

Usually I travel with my girlfriend, Alessandra, and our little dog, Charlie, a very cute Beagle.

Both of us are Italian but soon we will leave our native State to start a new adventure in another place in Europe. 

Wish us luck, we are going in!


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